FRA Pulse fosters mutually beneficial collaboration among technology companies and product developers, Corporate Partners, and Advisory Board members. We act as a research institute focusing on the intersection of technology, ethics and culture, and providing a forum where industry elites can join forces to address global technology issues. Our goal is to identify and nurture the industry's most promising entrepreneurs in order to create transformative technology-led approaches to solving complex business and operational challenges.


Legal technology mentorship and community

Mentorship + Community
Once accepted to the FRA Pulse Think Tank, Portfolio Companies are assigned mentors—a diverse network of corporate leaders and subject matter experts who are, themselves, technology consumers. Then the work begins. Your corporate mentors will provide hands-on guidance to help to fuel you business growth, achieve your innovation objectives, and solve the biggest problems facing your industry. The real magic is in the community-building that the FRA Pulse Think Tank enables and the doors it can open. The benefits of these relationships continue to grow with an invaluable stream of partnerships and proof-of-concepts that benefit both Corporate Partners and Portfolio Companies. It's a powerful combination.

Legal Go-to-Market Support + Technology Commercialization

Go-to-Market Support + Technology Commercialization
Throughout the co-creation process, Portfolio Companies and their mentors will have opportunities to share what they have accomplished together with prospects, partners and other stakeholders. Experienced corporate veterans, who are themselves technology end-users, will provide invaluable guidance and strategic go-to-market support in order to commercialize your technology and make your vision a reality. In addition, the FRA Pulse network will help facilitate introductions to help Portfolio Companies gain access to prospective consumers.

Legal Data, Tools and Partner Resources

Data, Tools + Partner Resources
Members of the FRA Pulse Think Tank will have access to the latest data, tools, and investor and community resources, to enable the development process. By being aligned with the FRA Pulse, our Corporate Partners and Advisory Board members benefit from the latest research and development trends, and access to leading start-ups and groundbreaking technology solutions that can not only address their unique business and operational challenges, but also position them to proactively manage the challenges ahead and drive innovation within their own organizations.

Legal Technology Research and Development

Research + Development
In support of these objectives, Portfolio Companies have the chance to co-develop with Forensic Risk Alliance, other FRA Pulse portfolio companies, and Corporate Partners. This co-development process will yield concrete technology solutions that can then be refined through FRA Pulse community beta testing. To help expand their offerings and stay on the cutting edge, Portfolio Companies and Corporate Partners, alike, will have access to technical training and are encouraged to share their own expertise and resources to enhance the FRA Pulse innovation community as a whole.

What we are looking for

We are looking for entrepreneurs who want to solve—or already solving—real-world problems with innovative technology-led ideas. We want disruptors who are looking at complex business and operational challenges with fresh perspectives, and the passion to collaborate and build something that will transform our industry.  Our multidisciplinary team subject matter experts will review your application and will be in touch to set up a demo and interview. It’s that simple.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Legal Technology

Legal Technology

Data Governance

Data Governance

Compliance and Risk Mitigation

Compliance + Risk Mitigation

Advanced Analytics and Big Data

Advanced Analytics + Big Data

Emerging Technologies

Emerging Technologies

You have vision.


If you are looking to solve business and operational challenges with innovative, technology-led ideas, we want to hear from you. The FRA Pulse team will review your application and will be in touch with next steps. It's that simple.