Processing using eZReview technology

Hear from Data Governance, Technology Solutions and Forensics Director Kevin Talbutt on how eZReview is changing the game in eDiscovery by creating efficiencies and minimizing risk while reducing cost

In my role as a forensic technology consultant, working across the EDRM and supporting investigations end to end, for over ten years, I have come across and utilised numerous tools and solutions. Typically, I am used to workflows which can involve a number of different tools facilitating forensic preservation of electronic data sources, data processing/analytics and eDiscovery.

In my experience, the data processing stage is often where ‘bottlenecks’ and delays occur. Clients are often frustrated by having to wait for processing steps to complete before any meaningful insight can be obtained from the data. ECA tools have provided some relief; however, I find it takes a considerable amount of manual effort to customise the reporting—in both ECA and data processing tools—to meet client expectations.

In my current role as a Director of Technology Solutions and Forensics at FRA, I focus on identifying and providing technology that allows us to quickly gain insight into data, while facilitating seamless transitions between the preservation, processing and review EDRM stages. Given the high profile and sensitive nature of the investigations that FRA support, it is critical that we are able to provide an understanding of the data, flag potential issues and deal with these – all as quickly as possible. FRA is proud to be able to offer eZReview, a solution that can do all of this and more!

EZReview technology utilizes ECA functionality, a powerful and robust processing engine, and an advanced eReview platform, all in one tool. EZReview’s ‘one-stop shop’ solution aligns with FRA’s overall strategy to optimize processing to provide cost savings and to minimize risks for our clients. FRA have developed a number of workflows, procedures and protocols, underpinned by QA, to ensure data is processed efficiently to meet our clients’ requirements.

The exceptional reporting capabilities and dashboards provided by eZReview are better than any tools available in the market. The reports can be created effortlessly and are intuitive and visual. From a management and oversight perspective, I can quickly configure a set of reports at the outset of an investigation, tailored to meet client requirements. Once configured, these reports can be generated automatically, with a single click of a button. I can receive reports automatically, as frequently as necessary, and I don’t forget to generate reports as ‘new’ data is loaded into a case.

From an auditing and defensibility standpoint, eZReview tracks the work product/actions performed on all items submitted to processing and review. The solution provides enhanced logging capability to show the effect of those processing decisions on the data. The understanding of these decisions has helped us streamline our workflows in support of our clients’ requirements.

FRA are very excited to partner with eZReview and look forward to supporting our clients using this technology.

Please get in touch for further information or to request a demonstration.

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