eZReview - Audit Filtering Analysis

FRA Global Director Bennett Arthur tell us why he fell in love with the Audit feature in Knovos' eZReview

Anyone familiar with document review, especially if charged with managing a review, is familiar with the tedious and all-too nerve-racking nature of tracking every movement of a document through a workflow.  

Shepherding millions of documents though a complicated process built around multi-tiered “if-then” statements can be challenging even when everything goes as planned.  While diligent auditing can save you and your team hundreds of hours in trying to trace a document’s every step through the process, even the best laid plans can quickly go awry when rogue reviewers tag a document “privileged” after it’s been produced, or promoted, or redacted.  

Early in my career, I fell in love with the Audit feature in eZReview, which allows multi-level filtering and sorting to quickly determine if a document has been routed incorrectly due to reviewer-error, or whether you’re looking at the tip of the iceberg exposing a costly flaw in the workflow set up.

Other platforms’ Audit features pale in comparison, often requiring an endless series of CTRL-F’s andNext-Pages--and sharing the results once found is no simpler. But with eZReview,anyone can find and share these results with just a few clicks.  

 In the example above, a Responsive document was not included in a production set, after the authorities were told the review had been completed and all relevant documents produced.  In this case, filtering for “Responsive” in the “Field” column in eZReview quickly shows that the tagging had been changed after the production set was finalized.  Even longer series of reviewer actions can be exported to excel where formulas, and even pivots, can be applied to the date fields.  This allows your team to spend less time playing detective, and more time moving your project towards its completion.

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