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FRA Pulse is an ecosystem where the latest technology and human expertise combine to accelerate forward-thinking, creative solutions. Together with leading start-ups, subject matter experts and corporate leaders, we are propelling innovation forward through collaboration and research—uncovering new ways of solving complex business challenges, helping emerging technologies realize their full potential, and getting them into clients' hands faster.


Joinder is a first of its kind legal collaboration platform that is transforming the way companies and law firms work together. It combines the four critical pillars to legal work—data storage, task management, communications, and document management—into a single workspace within the customer’s boundary.

Joinder gives unparalleled access and control over that work, helping users leverage precedent, data analytics, and knowledge management to achieve better organization, transparency and efficiency. It enables seamless document sharing and editing, and provides secure workrooms that are designed to promote transparency and collaboration, including a shared calendar that provides on-demand access to deadlines and status updates for all deals and cases on the user’s schedule. Joinder also uses machine learning, trained by hundreds of Orrick professionals, to automate functions like organizing a company’s records and files. Joinder use cases include litigation matters, organization of global compliance, transactions of all kinds, board management, remote depositions, law firm onboarding, risk management, team and project coordination and many others.  Joinder, a US based private company, has been incubated at Orrick, the global law firm and minority Joinder shareholder.   Joinder's platform serves more than 1,000 Orrick clients, together with Joinder's initial subscribers.

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FRA Pulse's portfolio companies—from tech start-ups to mainstays—will have access to hands-on mentorship from and co-development opportunities with a diverse network of corporate leaders and subject matter experts, as well as access to the latest data, tools, and investor and partner resources, and go-to-market support and guidance to get your product into the hands of clients. FRA Pulse will also act as a research institute exploring issues at the intersection of technology, ethics, and culture.


Legal Technology Mentorship + Community

Mentorship + Community
Receive hands-on advice from a diverse network of industry leaders and subject matter experts

Legal Technology Go-to-market Support

Go-to-Market Support
Get guidance and introductions that can accelerate growth and get your product into clients’ hands faster

Legal Technology Research + Development

Research + Development
Join research, collaboration and co-development initiatives with FRA, corporate advisors and technology consumers

Legal Data, Tools and Partner Resources

Data, Tools + Partner Resources
Access data, tools, and technical training from FRA Pulse portfolio companies and corporate partners

What we are looking for

We are looking for entrepreneurs who want to solve—or already solving—real-world problems with innovative technology-led ideas. We want disruptors who are looking at complex business and operational challenges with fresh perspectives, and the passion to collaborate and build something that will transform our industry.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Legal Technology

Legal Technology

Data Governance

Data Governance

Compliance and Risk Mitigation

Compliance + Risk Mitigation

Advanced Analytics and Big Data

Advanced Analytics + Big Data

Emerging Technologies

Emerging Technologies


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We will begin accepting early applications to FRA Pulse on October 6, 2020.
If you are looking to solve complex business and operational challenges with innovative, technology-led ideas, we want to hear from you. The FRA Pulse team will review your application and will be in touch with next steps. It's that simple.